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Photography – Daniel Garay Arango

Those who do not want to imitate anything, produce nothing.

Salvador Dali

Photography – Elena Aldea

Our Story

Nowadays, photography is increasingly influential in contemporary art and contributes to blurring the boundaries between different artistic mediums. Our ambition is to consciously emphasize this increasing tendency by paying special attention to contemporary artists with creative potential. We welcome the opportunity to work with both new and established collectors to help build their photography collections, and we collaborate with complex art festivals in order to present our collection and promote art photographers.

Mosaic -2018

Mosaic is an exhibition with an open theme. You can see works made by artists from different countries. Landscapes, wild life, digital manipulation, urban architecture, portraits… are great works and some of them were accepted in international photography competitions or exhibitions, advertised in magazines or sold in auctions.

Daniel Garay Arango

I’m a colombian photographer, specialized in black and white, fine art architectural and street photography.

Ruslan Bolgov

Ruslan manages to put together the “essences” of eternal beauty: sweetness, cunning, charm, eroticism, passing with great skill by the bewitching beauty to that angelic.

Shikhei Goh

I had tried taking pictures of many things but I really have a great passion for Macro photography and I can say I am a macro addict.

More Art Please – Fine Art Gallery has the pleasure to invite you to participate in our next online exhibition Black and White Nudes.

The exhibit will be published starting with 01.06.2019. Please read the Rules and Conditions and Submit your Work.

Black & White Nudes