Your Name and Country : Anja Diabaté, Germany

Anja Diabaté

. Can you help me? … your earth .
This image is part of an artistic series that expressively engaged with climate change and the protection of our earth.The representation of the child underlines the fragility and at the same time employed with the topic of the future.

. the lion, the peacock & the little peacock .
This series shows in an aesthetic and imaginative way the connection between humans and animals. It represents a symbiosis that enclosed the respectful and sensitive handling of nature.

Anja-Diabaté_the-little-peacock_More-Art-Please-Contest-children-03_20-4.jpg Anja-Diabaté_the-peacock_More-Art-Please-Contest-children-03_20-3.jpg Anja-Diabaté_Bird-of-paradise_More-Art-Please-Contest-children-03_20-2.jpg Anja-Diabaté_the-lion_More-Art-Please-Contest-children-03_20-1.jpg Anja-Diabaté_Can-you-help-me-......-your-earth_More-Art-Please-Contest-children-03_20-0.jpg

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