Your Name and Country : Yuliy Vasilev, Bulgaria

Yuliy Vasilev

A selection of street photos, taken in various locations in Europe.

Music for Deaf – Turin, Italy, 2014 (part of my ongoing project “Music for Deaf”, depicting the life of street musicians in Europe)
Music for Deaf 6 – Thessaloniki, Greece, 2016 (part of my ongoing project “Music for Deaf”)
Apparition – Copenhagen, Denmark, 2016
Slaves of Time – London, United Kingdom, 2014
States of Mind 2 – Berlin, Germany, 2018 (part of my short series of photos “States of Mind”)

Music-for-Deaf-4.jpg States-of-Mind-2-3.jpg Slaves-of-Time-2.jpg Music-for-Deaf-6-1.jpg Apparition-0.jpg

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