It’s said that the eyes are the image of the soul, what means thet face is capable to convey a lot of emotions: joy, ardor, pain, sadness ….. all of them are surprised by help with camera.
The all around photographers showed us what means portrait for them.
The portrait of the street, the studio portrait, black and white portrait, any portrait …… all of them loved us. There for we studied, appreciated, selected and finally we exposed them.

With patience and time please visit our PORTRAIT exhibition.

  • Abdullrahman Adi – Syria
  • Akshita Jain – India
  • Aleksandr Kunnroi – Russia
  • Alina Mitrea – Romania
  • Andi Nursam Adiputra – Indonesia
  • August Naude – South Africa
  • Barbara Macferrin – USA
  • Svetlana Borozentseva – Russia
  • Carola Kayen Mouthaan – Netherlands
  • Danial Azizi – Iran
  • Darya Komarova – Russia
  • David Pujado – Catalonia
  • Derek Galon – Dominica, Caribbean Island
  • Dmitry Baec – Ukraine
  • Alexander Drobkov – Russia
  • Egor Beketov – Czech Republic
  • Evgeny Loza – Israel
  • Farnaz Damnabi – Iran
  • Giorgi Likokeli – Georgia
  • Hanna Derecka – Poland
  • Isa Trevino – Mexic
  • Ivan Kovalev – Russia
  • Lubov Savchenko – Russia
  • Mantas Grimas – Lithuania
  • Marketa Novak – Czech Republic
  • Mary Budanova – Russia
  • Alexandru Moga – Romania
  • Natasha Vysotskaya – Russia
  • Nika Pailodze – Georgia
  • Osher Partovi – Israel
  • Pavel Titovich – Russia
    Renee Hibbert – Australia
    Sritam Kumar Sethy – India
  • Alexander Sviridov – Canada
  • Tural Nesibli – Azerbaijan
  • Valeriya Kabyzhakova – Russia
  • Yasser Alla Mobarak – Egypt
  • Yuriy Nesmelov – Russia
  • Kevin Outa – Kenya
  • Victor Sanchez – Mexic
  • Olga Kulunakova – Russia
  • Debarshi Mukherjee – India
  • Raphael Eyraud – France
  • Simon Diez – Peru
  • Laureen Armengau – France

Kevin Outa Odonga

from Kenya

Emptiness – feeling of being in a negative mental state where my thoughts and problems overwhelm me.

Uncertainty – in my mind, I should be sitting on the chair to listen to myself and get out of this negative space, but I’m standing far off. I am not sure of what I want, but wallowing in this space makes me feel vainly comfortable.

Regret – at this point, it’s too late to get away from these negative thoughts. I am mad at myself for allowing myself to drag myself into this mental state; I withdraw into myself.

Anger –  negative thought and self-pity all around, anger follows closely. Overthinking brings it in waves.

Frustration – when the cloud of anger subsides, I am still stuck mentally. I am now getting more frustrated with myself, as well as external and internal happenings.

False hope – reaching out to emptiness because nothing/no one is there.

Despair – this creeps in because of the feeling of being alone. It might not be objective, but it is always there,

Distress – all the thoughts that are running through my mind give me a lot of pain and discomfort. Regardless of all the good things that happen at this time, I am still in distress because whatever I want to go my way has not.

Resignation – I resign myself to the negative thoughts going on in my head, but do not dwell on them. I have found that this helps me clear my mind and heal my soul. 

Turmoil   I composited three of my best images from this series into one, to create the silhouette of a person in trouble and a mind in turmoil.

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