Your Name and Country : Daria Bokova, Russia

We have a natural desire to control everything around us. But the future is always uncertain, it’s blurred. We are not able to predict how it will be like. It is full of possibilities and unanswered things, which are out of our control. And unknown things cause our worry and anxiety quite naturally. We feel pressure of doing something wrong. And instead of accepting the anxiety, we get scared of this feeling.
The installation made of real orchid flowers is like that chaos and pressure of our thoughts that squeeze our body and mind. The project shows how we overcome these feelings: from overwhelming anxiety to embracing our feelings.

bokova-daria_uncertain-future-02-3.jpg bokova-daria_uncertain-future-01-4.jpg bokova-daria_uncertain-future-03-2.jpg bokova-daria_uncertain-future-05-1.jpg bokova-daria_uncertain-future-06-0.jpg

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